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Archive for February, 2013

The Best Way to Plan for a Spill

Written by admin. Posted in Oil containment booms, Silt screen, Turbidity curtain with filter fabric skirt

Oil boom

Environmental policies pertaining to fresh water contamination have been implemented by the government, like the Clean Water Act and the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System, to reduce environmental hazards. These policies have made the use of silt barriers around construction sites where dredging operations take place standard industry practice today. Silt barriers are specifically designed to ensure that silt and turbidity elements do not contaminate nearby fresh water streams, lakes, ponds, and other types of bodies of water. Turbidity is the measure of optical properties, such as haziness and cloudiness, of water caused by loose sediment and suspended materials to the naked eye, like smoke in the air, in order to determine drinking water quality.

Silt curtains, also referred to as turbidity curtains, have been used as oil spill response equipment to control suspended solids or turbidity by creating a silt barrier, made out of a permeable or solid material. One of the main uses for a turbidity barrier to contain an oil spill or any other situation in which material must be restricted from entering fresh water. A situation like this calls for a specific type of silt barrier which has been treated with a geotextile material to absorb the oil and other hazardous materials, which is called a Gunderboom.

The use of silt barriers is standard practice and is still known as a Best Management Practice because, despite their popularity by name, they have limited effectiveness because of the simple design or lack of care and maintenance. Controlling suspended sediment has become an issue of the past few years because of the increasing amount of dredging projects being done throughout the world. The United States Environmental Protection Agency is at the forefront in making silt barriers a mandated practice amongst construction companies who deal with dredging, marina projects, and general construction working near fresh bodies of water.
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Using An SEO Reseller Can Revolutionize The Way Your Website Runs

Written by admin. Posted in Reselling seo, Website reseller

Reselling seo

At a time where social media is on the rise, it is important for businesses to start reselling SEO. When anyone is searching the internet for information on anything, they need to have key words implemented to make sure their websites get as many hits as possible. A social media reseller is a great way for businesses to gain more customers and general interest using social media.

Reselling SEO is crucial and a huge part of the traffic a website can get that can eventually lead to more business. Using major social media websites can open up massive doors for businesses. Getting more information out to the public about your business is the clearest way to add to your business. Using social media one can advertise about their business and also show other customers using their business and being satisfied.

The internet is an amazing resource for businesses and to seriously take advantage of that fact, they need to ascribe to all new methods of advertising and saving time. Using an SEO reseller is a way to do that. To get the most out of internet usage among people, it is necessary to outsource SEO. A website reseller is also a tool that can be used for reselling SEO. Websites that can get as much traffic as possible are the websites that are getting the most out of reselling SEO. They gain more profits from this attention because of a few simple steps and being able to let the professionals handle the best way to advertise for their business in a low key way.

Reselling SEO has the potential to revolutionize the way businesses gain more clients and followers. This method can fit perfectly into the information age that you live in today. Everything is becoming easier and quicker and businesses need to stay on track with the rest of the world. Read more: hubshout.com

How to Manage Security on BYOD Devices

Written by admin. Posted in Byod, Network inventory software, Network management software

Network inventory software

Bring your own device business models, or BYOD business models, are becoming more popular every day. About 65 million Americans today own a smart phone, meaning the devices are nearly ubiquitous. Today, companies see BYOD as a cost saving device. Half of the companies that have BYOD require their employees to bring their own devices. Indeed, school districts love it because it saves on technology, and lets students use their own devices.

Of course, one of the biggest challenges of mobile device management is security. That is where patch management software comes in. Patch management software helps secure mobile devices from security threats. Theft, loss, damage, and other disasters will not compromise data with the right patch management software, nor will patch management software let an external threat damage an enterprise system.

What are some examples of patch management software? Perhaps the most prolific is the Apple Configurator. Used for iPad and iphone management, the Configurator can configure up to 30 Apple devices at once. This allows for efficient patch management distribution, and contributes to iPad and iPhone security.

Another form of patch management exists in the Blackberry system. Blackberrys that share the same network have enterprise data sent to them that are encrypted, and are very hard for unauthorized users to decrypt. These bits of segregated data are not only encrypted, but can actually be erased as soon as the phone is reported damaged, lost or stolen.

BYOD models have still a ways to go before they ensure total device security. As enterprise systems get ever more sophisticated, so must patch management software. That said, patch management software is ready to evolve. Many service providers stand ready to offer the latest in patch management software, and improve on their original designs. As a result, corporate data will not just be more secure. Rather, corporate data with BYOD models can make an organization more productive. Read more: www.maas360.com