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Archive for June 7, 2013

Faster, Streamlined Healthcare? Now There’s a Smartphone App For That!

Written by admin. Posted in Healthcare apps, Hospital charge capture, Mobile emr

Medical messaging

Of course technology is always affecting and changing the healthcare profession, but now information tech is growing in the medical field with the advent of BYOD (“bring your own device”) policies and mobile health applications designed for use by physicians and other providers.

Much of the need for new mobile health applications has to do with HIPPA (the Health Information Privacy Protection Act, dating from 1996) which establishes very clear rules for protecting patients’ personal data. There are medical mobile apps that do more than provide secure text messaging, but still many apps that are being loaded onto healthcare professionals’ devices are devoted to ensuring safe, HIPPA compliant messaging between physicians, specialists and social workers.

Mobile health applications are also used for tasks like aggregating patient data, taking medical unit census information, and updating patient’s charts, i.e. their record of medical needs, vital stats, services received and treatments proscribed. The great thing about mobile health applications at their best is the way they can save time and simplify workflow for medical professionals who may not have the time or opportunity to sit down at a desktop computer or “pen and paper” chart to perform their documentation. Read more about this topic at this link: www.iqmax.com