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Archive for June 11, 2013

A Lawn to be Proud Of

Written by admin. Posted in Grass seeds, Ground cover, Lawn seed

Lawn maintenance

In 2011, People spent 29.1 billion dollars for lawn and garden materials. Americans make sure that they have beautiful yards, and lawn seed can go a long way in getting the best grass.

Although the term “lawn” was first coined in 1733, it was not a commonly used word in America until sometime after the Civil War. Since then, the “lawn” and its maintenance has become a big part of American culture.

Some of the practices used in developing lawn seed include using drought resistant grass seeds. These help to create grass that will not die immediately with a lack of water. Many Americans struggle to keep their grass green in the summer when the hot sun has scorched the lawn and evaporated all of the available water. Drought resistant grass can help a person in their fight to keep their lawn fresh in the sommer months.

Another practice people use to develop their lawn seed is spreading compost across the yard once a year. It provides needed nutrients for lawn seeds and reduces grubs and weeds that can infect a lawn. People also strengthen their grass by not mowing too often. By letting grass grow at least three inches high, the roots of the grass are strengthened and weeds are often shaded out.

Seattle Public Utilities conducted a study that said that using good lawn seed and using sustainable lawn practices saves about 75 dollars in each household each year because of its economic impact. Doing the lawn right equals more than just savings though. It leads to a home to be proud of.