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Archive for July, 2013

In Digital World, SEO Is Increasingly Necessary

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Online sales

Kerry and Patricia McNamara spent years planning out their retirement years. “Patricia was raised in Savannah Georgia,” said Kerry, “and we decided years ago that when I retired, sink the retirement money into a small Irish restaurant there.” They found the perfect location for their new restaurant, bought a small home with a view of the Savannah River, and six weeks after Kerry received his gold watch, their new restaurant was open for business. Two months after that, they were in danger of losing their business, their home and their retirement dreams.

“We soon found that the restaurant market is pretty flooded in Savannah,” said Patricia. “We worked so hard. We put fliers on doors, bought a billboard, took out advertisements in the newspaper. We had a detailed marketing plan,” said Kerry, a dejected look on his fac

ISO 27001 Security Standards Are Important to Your Company

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ISO 27001 security is part of a family of standards and is a part of the information security management system. ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization, ISO 27001 security is a management system whose intent is to bring information security under management control. It also mandates certain requirements. Organizations who say that they meet ISO 27001 security standards can be audited and certified, meaning they can tell their customers that they meet these stringent standards

As part of any ISO 27001 security program, management of a company is required to examine information security risks, threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts. They must also design and implement a full program of security controls and risk abatement procedures. Finally, they must adopt a plan that the ISO 27001 security pro

Find the Apartment That Fits Your Needs

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Newport news apartments

Having a place to live is a must. Having someplace to relax and call your own is nice as well. However, finding a good place that fits your needs is not always as easy as it sounds, and it does not sound that easy. Places that are affordable and nice have a lot of people clamoring to live in them. Really cheap places are often dumps, and nice places are often more expensive than you would like to pay.

When looking for apartments in Newport News VA, the same holds true for the Newport News apartments as apartments anywhere. You want to look for apartments in Newport News VA that give you good value for your money. You want to find one that is affordable, yet nice. It is nice to rent an apartment that is nice, but you have to be mindful of your budget capabilities.

When looking for apartments in Newpo