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Archive for October 2, 2013

Learn About Medicare Supplemental Plans Now!

Written by admin. Posted in Medicare advantage health plans, Medigap insurance plans

Medicare supplement insurance

Congress created Medicare under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act in 1965. The purpose of medicare is to provide health insurance, regardless of income and medical history, to all people who are at least 65 years old. Prior to the introduction of medicare, only 50 percent of senior citizens had health insurance of any sort. This put some of the most vulnerable citizens in unfortunate situations. Thankfully, now there are a number of medicare supplemental plans from which older people can choose.

About 9 million Americans, most of whom are low income older adults, are dually eligible for Medicaid and Medicare supplemental plans. There are many medicare supplemental plans including medicar

Know Your Products to Make Smarter Purchases!

Written by admin. Posted in Caster wheels, Gas spring shocks, Stem casters

De sta co toggle clamps

When Francis Bacon, the famous philosopher, said “scientia potentia est” (“knowledge is power”) he was definitely not referring to industrial tools and supplies. Bolts were first manufactured by Besson in France in 1568. However, industrial supplies have come a long way, and knowing what each piece of equipment in your job does can help you make smart decisions about purchases. So, for your benefit, here’s some brief info about some supplies that’ll allow you to make better purchases in the future.

Anti Vibration Pads.

Anti Vibration Pads reduce the noise and vibration generated by machines, like washing machines. Anti Vibration Pads have bottom treads that grip the floor, which ensures stability. Anti Vibration Pads fit most front load washers and are generally safe for every kin