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Archive for October 3, 2013

Finding the Best Vet for Your Pet

Written by admin. Posted in Directory of veterinarians, Directory of vets

There are few things more important to a beloved pet’s health than care by a quality veterinarian. Still, many pet parents don’t bother to really consider their options, choosing instead to go to the closest or least expensive vet. Here, we’ll look at the process of choosing a quality veterinarian using a veterinarians directory, online reviews, and personal visits to vets’ offices.

The first step toward choosing the right vet for your pet is o develop a pool of potential choices. There are three major resources here:

  1. A veterinarians directory. Look for a directory of veterinarians online or look in the phone book for a vet directory. A directory of vets will list location and contact information. Your best bet is to choose four or five offices from the veterinarian directory who are closest to you.
  2. Online reviews. Take the names you got from the veterinarians directory and look for online reviews on those offices. Eliminate any options if they have unanimously bad r