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Archive for October 8, 2013

When Your Back Hits the Bed

Written by admin. Posted in Adjustable bed mattress, Dual king adjustable bed, Luxury adjustable beds

Adustable bed

Adjustable beds for seniors might be more important than many people realize. It is not just important for your sleep. It is important for your physiology. The reason is because a flat mattress can force you into a cramped position while you sleep because a flat bed is really not in tune with the shape of your body in the way that adjustable beds for seniors are.

Furthermore, even a slight curve at your bed’s head or foot might end up causing you unwanted pain because it can prevent you from curling. The best pillows might be the ones that help assuage this problem, but you should not rely on the pillo

PACS Computers Can be Used for Various Medical Needs for Image Vieiwing Such as Ultrasounds, Endoscopies, Mammograms, and X Rays

Written by admin. Posted in Lead aprons, Leaded glasses, Pacs system vendors

Pacs system vendors

Advances in technology over the years have made the performance of various tasks in different professions become much more efficient. Medicine is one such field that has benefited and continues to benefit greatly from constant advances in technology. Many medical practices rely heavily on efficient technology to provide the best treatment possible to patients. The use of medical imaging has been very beneficial every since its origin, with tools such as X rays and endoscopies making many diagnoses possible. To better manage medical imaging instruments, medical professionals can use medical grade computers such as a PACS computer.

In 1895, the first dental X rays were discovered and also used in that same year. A type of electromagnetic radiation, X rays were given the “X” name because they were previousl