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Archive for October, 2013

Know Your Products to Make Smarter Purchases!

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De sta co toggle clamps

When Francis Bacon, the famous philosopher, said “scientia potentia est” (“knowledge is power”) he was definitely not referring to industrial tools and supplies. Bolts were first manufactured by Besson in France in 1568. However, industrial supplies have come a long way, and knowing what each piece of equipment in your job does can help you make smart decisions about purchases. So, for your benefit, here’s some brief info about some supplies that’ll allow you to make better purchases in the future.

Anti Vibration Pads.

Anti Vibration Pads reduce the noise and vibration generated by machines, like washing machines. Anti Vibration Pads have bottom treads that grip the floor, which ensures stability. Anti Vibration Pads fit most front load washers and are generally safe for every kin

Make Your Next Military Move Work for You

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Army military dity move calculator

A DITY military move (DITY standing for Do It Yourself) is an entirely voluntary program that allows members of the United States military that need to relocate to be reimbursed by the Federal Government if they choose to move their belongings on their own. There are several things that can make the military move option simpler and more affordable, including the use of a Dity move calculator, checklist and low rates. There are several things that people should know about before deciding on this particular military moving option.

Under Dity move regulations, service members are eligible to

Toddler Town Evanston in Evanston IL

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Toddler Town Evanston

1501 Howard Street

Evanston, IL 60202



Local Business Picture

Toddler Town Daycare is located in Chicago and Evanston, IL. It is a fully licensed educationally based day care center dedicated to providing a safe and happy environment where young children ages 2-6 can learn, play, explore and grow while their parents are at work. Toddler Town Daycare balances a physically active program with intellectual challenges to ensure each child achieves their highest potential.