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Archive for October, 2013

The Right Mobile Device Management System

Written by admin. Posted in Mobile device management software, Mobile device management systems, Mobile management

Device management software

An unprecedented number of users carry mobile devices. In the U.S. alone, a full quarter of internet users only ever access the web from a mobile device, and that trend is being seized upon by the advertising sector where mobile ad spending is expected to grow up to $20.6 billion by 2015. One place where the use of mobile devices is growing most rapidly is in the workplace.

By 2014, it is anticipated that the number of internet capable, employee owned mobile devices being used for work will more than double, climbing from almost 150 million to 350 million. Such a change should be prompting an increase in the number of mobile device management systems being implemented by businesses, but shockingly few

Trust Your Locks to the Professional Rekeyers

Written by admin. Posted in Boca raton locksmiths, Rekeying

Locksmith margate fl

Are you curious to know a few secrets of the locksmith trade? What is it about Boca Raton locksmiths that make them so good at picking locks, or opening doors? If you’ve ever wondered how it is that a Boca Raton locksmith has come to be known as the ultimate gatekeeper, the pro at rekeying, keep reading to learn a few secrets of the business.

For starters, you should always do a little research on the rekeying expert you are looking to hire. This is a touchy subject wherein there is a fine line between breaking and entering and performing legal work. Some locksmiths are scam artists. A lot will convince the lock owner that the lock is somehow tricky or special, requiring drills to gain entry. The

BYOD Models Keep Company Costs Low

Written by admin. Posted in Bring your own device, Iphone encryption, Pc inventory

Pc inventory

Did you know that, according to research firm Gartner, more than 19.5 million million tablet PCs sold in 2010, and McKinsey reveals that tablets, and other mobile devices, currently account for up to 44% of worldwide computing? Mobile devices are literally everywhere, and this fact has hardly escaped employers’ notice. In fact, an increasing number of today’s employers ask employees to work from personal tablets and smartphones. Why are companies excited about bring your own device (BYOD) models, and what should they know before implementing them?

What Is So Great About BYOD?

Across the globe, over 1 billion people own smartphones. Asking employees to use personal phones for work-related use, then, is not altogether surprising. What is surprising, however, is that half of all companies using BY