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Archive for November, 2013

What Information Should You Include on Your Pet’s Tags?

Written by admin. Posted in Personalized pet tags, Pet tags for dogs, Plastic pet tags

Pet dog tags

So many Americans revere their pets. In fact, they spend $5 billion on them ever year, and why shouldn’t they? Our pets make our lives so much better, and happier. Why, 94% of pet owners say that their pets make them smile at least once a day, if not more.

So what happens if and when your pet, this beloved member of the family, gets lost?

This is why it’s important to have pet ID tags securely around your pets’ neck
. On these custom pet tags, you can put the pet’s name, owner’s phone number(s), address, or a QR code that points to an online profile for the pet, a reward offer, and a list of the animal’s critical medical problems.

Obviously, the name, address and phone numbers are absolutely imperative to include on the cheap pet tags

Custom Embroidered Bridesmaid Robes Can be a Great Way for Brides to Say Thank You

Written by admin. Posted in Bridal robes, Embroidered robes

Wedding robes

If you are getting married soon, you are probably in the midst of planning everything out for your big day. There are so many different aspects of the wedding that need to be considered, and when it comes to planning ahead, some aspects will inevitably take precedence over others. But what is important to remember in the sometimes stressful process of planning your wedding is show your gratitude to all of those that are helping to make the big day possible.

The importance of the wedding party cannot be forgotten. Without the assistance and support the wedding party of the bride and groom, some of the most crucial elements of the wedding may not be possible. When the time finally comes, brides and grooms naturally want to show their chosen group of friends and family just how thankful they are to have their lo

Salesperson Recruiting Services

Written by admin. Posted in Hire a sales rep, Hiring a sales rep, How to hire sales reps

Best sales jobs

When you are looking for good employees that will mesh well with your company’s culture, it can be difficult. However, professional recruiters for sales personnel, executives, and other personnel can help to ease this process. For a business, hiring is something that is done sporadically as it is needed, rather than continuously. Because of this, it can take a while to develop good hiring skills and to learn what to watch out for in an employee. All recruiters do is find potential candidates for certain jobs and vet them, so they have a lot of professional experience that can help them to find better hires for certain jobs. Using a recruiter can save time and hassle while often leading to better hires.

Professional sales and executive recruiting firms should know what to look for when Continue Reading No Comments