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Archive for December, 2013

Four Tips to Remember When Opting for Charter Bus Travel

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Indiana bus charter

Our accelerated culture has made it very easy to simply book a flight across the country and arrive in no time at all. But if you’re traveling in a large group, air travel might not be the best option — indeed, if you’ve got a tight budget to work with, it’s likely going to be outside of what you’re willing and able to spend. A caravan likely won’t work either because of the logistics, so what options are you left with? Welcome to the wonderful world of charter buses.

A charter bus company has a veritable fleet of buses ready to be rented out for all types of road trips. Charter buses are perfect when you’re trying to transport your extended family from Maine to Michigan for some kind of family reunion or another kind of gathering. But it requires a bit of strategic planning on your part to ensure you’re

The Benefits of Political Marketing

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Elecciones usa

Political marketing, or el marketing politico, is one of the most important and influential ways of influencing the election of a politician. The political marketing industry has changed over the years, and there are even political marketing firms that can help politicians with all aspects of political marketing.

Since the 1960 election between Kennedy and Nixon, political campaigns have been closely linked to strategic marketing plans. In that election, because of how Kennedy was marketed and portrayed as charisma